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 Hiro's childhood ^^

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Hiro's childhood ^^ Empty
PostSubject: Hiro's childhood ^^   Hiro's childhood ^^ EmptyMay 13th 2008, 22:21

Guys I found this in pali_mari's LJ
(click on the pics to view the larger one)

Mizushima Hiro's childhood revealed...
Hiro's childhood ^^

Mizushima Hiro was born in a hospital in Tokyo on 13 April 1984.
(It happens to be the National Thai New Year's Day!!)
His mom was in labor for his elder sister who's 3 years older than him for 33 hours.
But for Hiro, it's swift, only 3 hours was enough.
And the second he came out to this world, he smiled, his mom told him.

He said he didn't do anything to it
but his hair style resembles that of Beckham already.
Hiro's childhood ^^

Hiro weighed 3,000 grams at birth. In good health and cheerful.
He always smiled and always in a very good mood.
Hiro's childhood ^^

This baby has huge eyes!!
And that lovely little nose bridge! So rare for a Japanese baby.
I think the cheeks must weigh half a kilogram each!

Just a few months old, he's grown to almost the same size as his fluffy toy.
He's still not a cry-baby and very easy to look after.
Hiro's childhood ^^

What an ADORABLE baby!!!
See how he drooled. Soooo cute.
I'd like to kidnap him but I guess it's already too late!

He liked football from this age.
That's no wonder because his father's a footballer
but he'd already retired by the time Hiro was born.
Hiro's childhood ^^

When he's 3-4 years old he's a total cry-baby. He cried all the time!
He hated his friends. He did not like to go to school.
Everyday he made all kinds of excuses to not go to school but he couldn't fool anyone
so he was dragged out to school which made him cry even more.

In his memory there's no pictures of him playing with his friends
because he liked to cry alone.
After school he still kept to himself as his elder sister didn't like to play with him.
So he took a mayonnaise bottle out of the fridge and started walking aimlessly.
That time he's really fond of mayonnaise.
Along the way he'd picked flowers and leaves and put them into the mayonnaise and eat them!!
As far as he can remember he said the flowers tasted better!
When he chilled out enough, he'd go back home,
put the mayonnaise bottle back in the fridge so no one would notice.

His family moved to Switzerland before he even entered grade school due to his father's work.
One day his father said they're going out to dinner,
Hiro was so happy he smiled all the way there.
But when they reached the restaurant his father broke the news
of going to have to stay abroad for 5-6 years.
He didn't fully understand but he just felt he didn't want to go so he cried again.

This photo is from when he was 3.
Hiro's childhood ^^

When he was 4 he always fought with his elder sister
but she's a very strong little girl he could never defeat her.
This year he got a scar on his left cheek from the ring of his sister during a fight
and it's still visible to this day.
He also got the other scar from her at the end of his left eye.
Hiro's childhood ^^

The first thing he was shocked about Switzerland was the traffic
which went the opposite way of Japan.
And he almost got hit by a car.
The town he lived in was surrounded by nature with vast vineyards.
And there're cows and horses walking around. The Tokyo boy was utterly shocked.
He met foreigners with hair and skin colors so different from his
so he got even more lonely.

He went to an International school with no knowledge of English.
Whenever someone approached him he always thought they'd tease and made fun of him.
He was so pessimistic, a typical cry-baby, he said.

Hiro, surrounded by international friends. He's the one with the eyes closed.
Hiro's childhood ^^

Some pupils in the same classroom wouldn't want anything to do with him
when they found out he's a Japanese.
During snack breaks those pupils never touched his snacks.
He didn't know what to do.
He wanted to discuss this with his parents but he was too young to explain what he felt.
Once a friend's purse was stolen, young Hiro became the prime suspect
but his homeroom teacher said he wouldn't do such a thing.
Finally the real thief was caught
so from then on whatever happened he'd be defended.

Hiro in 5th grade in Switzerland.
Hiro's childhood ^^ Baby010dd5

He was impressed with Switzerland in the sense that
he got to meet friends from different backgrounds and cultures.
Even he was still a child he felt this world is so vast
and accommodating various kinds of people.

In this photo, Hiro's the handsome little boy on the left.
Hiro's childhood ^^

After the sixth grade, Hiro had to returned to Japan.
He missed Japan so much and was ecstatic.
But at that time his English was better than Japanese
so for 6 months he had to go to a Japanese school
in the neighborhood in preparation.
Somehow he couldn't fit in and the teachers said he got too strong-willed
and could be a bad influence disciplinary wise.
Sometimes he was so stressed out his fever ran as high as 39 degree celcius.

When Hiro could pass an exam into a junior high he began playing football seriously.
He passed an audition for a professional training team
but he got bullied by his sempais.
Once he watched his sempais play
and he bursted out honestly that , "You suck big time!"
and he was marked from then on.

He was accustomed to saying stuff straight-forwardly in Switzerland
and he didn't know he couldn't do that in Japan.
He said he didn't mean any harm and he said it out so the sempais could try harder.
But in Japanese society no one think the same way as him.

After class he was called by the sempais.
At first he thought they might ask him to join the lineup.
But when he arrived, he then was surrounded and got bullied.
From then on he was under the black clouds,
even he was in the starting lineup, no one sent the ball his way.
Everywhere he turned he got bullied.
He got nervous thinking as long as those sempais did not all graduated
he wouldn't be able to live peacefully.

In high school he wanted to be like Nakata Hidetoshi.
Hiro's childhood ^^

So when he reached the third year of junior high
and those sempais were all gone he could play fully.
His team even won second place in a national tournament.
But he was quite pissed off as the 1-0 defeat was from an own goal!
Then he determined to be a professional footballer.
When he reached high school he met with the same group of sempais again!

No. 7 jersey was his dream.
Hiro's childhood ^^ Baby012si1

During high school years Hiro played football seriously.
But his femur got fractured and the doctor forbid him to play again
or else he wouldn't be able to walk.
He was very sad but still kept a happy face in front of his friends.
He got his own dream to play in the national stadium.
He tried to suppress the pain and could finally play there.
He reached his goal so he decided to quit football.

He wanted to go back abroad but he had no money.
The sempais in his university advised him to model in order to make money fast.
So he got into modelling then was asked to do some acting
and the rest is history.

Mizushima Hiro now stands tall at 180 cm. What a Face

Credits: Junon 2007-1

Credits: pali_mari
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Hiro's childhood ^^ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hiro's childhood ^^   Hiro's childhood ^^ EmptyJune 23rd 2008, 12:16

Thanks so much for uploading!
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Registration date : 2008-05-11

Hiro's childhood ^^ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hiro's childhood ^^   Hiro's childhood ^^ EmptyJune 24th 2008, 16:27

Cath wrote:
Thanks so much for uploading!

doutashimashte! Very Happy
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Hiro's childhood ^^ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hiro's childhood ^^   Hiro's childhood ^^ EmptyJune 25th 2008, 19:30! nice story and cute pix.. especially his baby fotos with chubby cheeks..

..those bad sempai's.. hmmmp! at least he is a famous actor and model now.. good for him..

..hope to hear more about our hiro.. Smile
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xia sheng han

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Hiro's childhood ^^ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hiro's childhood ^^   Hiro's childhood ^^ EmptyMarch 14th 2009, 15:53

now I know why he's so good with English!
I didn't know that he had been through a lot...
and those bad sempais! maybe now they're regretting what they did to Hiro...
maybe they're just jealous because Hiro is much better than them in football...

wow! the number 7! that's my favorite number! XD

and it's sad that he can't play the sport that he love...

thanks for sharing this information about him!^^
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Hiro's childhood ^^ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hiro's childhood ^^   Hiro's childhood ^^ EmptyApril 17th 2009, 21:01

hiro is so cute when he was just a baby Embarassed
yeah..i heard that he can speak english fluently..
i respect him for that Very Happy i really hope i can hear him speak in english Smile Smile
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Hiro's childhood ^^ Empty
PostSubject: KAWAII!!!~   Hiro's childhood ^^ EmptyMay 12th 2009, 05:58

aww i feel your pain.
=\ i had to move here to canada too and ive had the same experience with school as well. being bullied and all
but things came to pass

God bless you Mizushima.

We love you all ^^ <3
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Hiro's childhood ^^ Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hiro's childhood ^^   Hiro's childhood ^^ Empty

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Hiro's childhood ^^
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