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PostSubject: Forum Traffic   Forum Traffic EmptyNovember 2nd 2008, 20:05

The forum has become inactive recently,
I believe it's already going on for couple of months already.
How is it, Cath, do you have any plan regarding this matter?

Hiro is a cool guy, and now he's getting more fan then ever!!
After hanakimi, room of king, drop movie, and he's also already booked for winter drama (also in FUJI TV)
People would come to find sources in google and people would come here.
HOWEVER. I remember back then I found this place form google's first page... now it's on the second page. Hmm...

People come here for informations and goodies,, thus it would be nice if we keep giving updates.

I understand that single-handedly managing an international forum is not an easy thing. What I have in mind is,

Why not try forming a team? A team to make this place even more neat and enjoyable... To advertise in other places, such as d-addicts or crunchyroll etc, to gain more traffic?

I'm sorry for the long post, but I do hope this could bring good to us all~
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PostSubject: Re: Forum Traffic   Forum Traffic EmptyDecember 24th 2008, 20:18

Hi Fathskie,
Thank you so much for your feedback,
And I'm very sorry for the terribly late answer.
My life was pretty messed up the last months,
But now it's stabilizing (I hope...)
Your suggestion to use a team
Instead of a lonely Admin (aah... c'est moi...)
is a wonderfull idea.
But it's hard to pick out new people,
Since there is low activity on the site.
If anyone has suggestions on this subject,
feel free to mention them!
Have a wonderfull holiday <33
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