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 Hello! I'm Steffi

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Hello! I'm Steffi Empty
PostSubject: Hello! I'm Steffi   Hello! I'm Steffi EmptyApril 4th 2008, 14:34

Hello!!! I'm Steffi Perilla from the Philippines... I'm Just 12 years old going 13 on august 10... hahaha..... I'm a really big fan of Mizushima Hiro and Ikuta Toma since I've watched Hana Kimi a dozen of times.... I'm really into singing and acting... I've staged in plays in Ateneo de Manila University in Katipunan..... I really enjoy songs from the band Yellowcard, FOB, MCR, and many other bands... I usually listen to mellow song when I'm in "senti mode", I listen to songs like Realize and bubbly from Colbie Calliat. I also Love the Song Love So Sweet by Arashi...

To sum it up... I'm a 12 yr old girl that lives in the Philippines , and who is a huge fan of Mizushima Hiro and Ikuta Toma and really loves to listen to music.... and I also love SOCCER... i play midfield:D Embarassed Razz lol!
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Hello! I'm Steffi Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello! I'm Steffi   Hello! I'm Steffi EmptyApril 14th 2008, 18:32

Hi Steffi!!! WELCOME!!

I also love Toma Ikuta, I hope he will enter an official group of the Johnny's (at last)
I'm also a fan of yellowcard, our lady peace and WaT Smile

It seems you have many activities, and you play soccer as our Hiro Smile
Maybe one day you will play on stage with him Razz

You are from Phillipines, that's great, on this forum, we are from very diversified countries!!! My own is France. ^^

I hope you will enjoy spending time over here, and I apologize for not having answered you're introduction before... I'm not an admin but I think we all have to welcome new members. However, I think that many are taking their exams for the moment, like me, that's why we are late...
I hope you will help us making this forum live flower
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Hello! I'm Steffi
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