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gelmar c

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PostSubject: Konnichiwa   Konnichiwa EmptyAugust 28th 2008, 23:16

Hi! I'm Monika from Serbia ( Europe). I'm 18 years old, and I've became a fan of Hiro when I was searching for some pics of a singer, and randomly found out Hiro. I thought " woah! This guy is cute" and searched some more. After Hana Kimi, I fell in love. I've also seen Kamen Rider Kabuto, both the series and the movie, and of course Zettai Kareshii, in which he acted very well and was uber cute and adorable. *fangirling* I love his black hair, and I hope he'll change back.

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Dani Yuri

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PostSubject: Re: Konnichiwa   Konnichiwa EmptySeptember 1st 2008, 03:08

Hiiiiiii Monika! Welcome to the forum.
I'm Dani also 18 from Brazil. If you want you call me Yuri, my japanese name! =) Ohhh so nice for you have found HIRO. ^^
Yeah! I also like his black hair. He is blonde \\o But still so HOT.
Have fun and hope see you around! =))
Nice to meet youuuu ~
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PostSubject: Re: Konnichiwa   Konnichiwa EmptySeptember 10th 2008, 15:32

Hi Dani! Thanks for the warm welcome. *huggles* It is nice to meet you too. And the country you live in is interesting. Have you heard? Hiro will be starring in a new drama in October, with his BLACK hair. I was so glad when I found out he'll redye his hair. And I heard somewhere that he, himself hates his blonde hair. Even if he stayed blonde, I wouldn't " abandon" him XD

I won't be visiting the forum very often, because I'll be busy with school. Though, I'll be on once in a while. WAnt to exchange MSN adresses through PM? It would be great to fangirl about hiro on MSN.
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PostSubject: Re: Konnichiwa   Konnichiwa Empty

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