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 Interview with Mizushima Hiro

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PostSubject: Interview with Mizushima Hiro   June 23rd 2008, 11:52

Interview with Mizushima Hiro who plays Nanba Minami
Official site recently had a bunch of updates. Clips of pictures, video clips of behind the scenes and so on. They also have an interview with Mizushima Hiro who plays Minami Nanba.

Q: 学校一のプレイボーイという難波南。水嶋さんご自身のイメージとはかけ離れたキャラクターに見えますが、どんなことを心がけて演じていますか?
A: 難波は、とにかく女の人が大好きなんですよね。もちろん、僕も女の人は好きですけど、あんなに器用じゃないし、浮気性でもないし、チャラついてもないなっ て。自分とは全然違うタイプなので、常に「これはどういう気持ちで言ってるんだろう」と探りながら演じています。第二寮の寮長として、現場を盛り上げ、に ぎやかにする役目もあるんですけど、それには、まず自分が楽しくなければダメじゃないですか。だから、自分から率先してバカなことをやって、それで、みん なについてきてもらうってことを意識しています。

Q: プレイボーイな反面、実は男気があって後輩に慕われるという役でもありますね。
A: そうなんですよね。第一寮や第三寮の寮長は、みんなを率先してまとめていて、後輩が「寮長!寮長!」ってついて行くって感じじゃないですか。でも、難波は 誰とでも同じ目線で会話ができる人なんです。わりと自由なスタンスでできるから、僕自身もヘンに緊張しなくていいし、自然体でいられるのかなって思ってい ます。

Q: 役作りに原作のキャラクターは参考にしましたか?
A: 原作は南の人となりがわかる程度しか読んでいません。なので、上がった台本から僕がイメージするままに演じてみて、あとは現場で監督と相談しながら作って いくという感じでやっています。動きに関しては、渋谷とかにいるďそれっぽいĒ人を観察して参考にしました(笑)。そういう人って、話すときに手を使いま すし、身体に軸がないみたいにふわふわ動くんですよ。そういうところは、取り入れさせてもらっています。

Q: それにしても、回を重ねるにつれ、ますます現場は盛り上がっていますね。
A: 最初はあまりにも人数が多いから、とまどうこともありましたけど、現場の雰囲気ができてきた今では、みんな打ち解けながらも、それぞれの役割をしっかり やっているという感じです。まさに、男子校のノリなんで、勢いがあって楽しいし、現場にピシッとしたいい緊張感があるのもいいなって思いますね。

Q: 撮影の合間には、どんな話をするんですか?
A: 結構、女の子のこととか多いですね。あとは、ここではちょっと言えない下ネタもあったりして(笑)。本当に男子校みたいなんですよ。

Q: 最後に、番組ファン、水嶋さんのファンの方へメッセージをお願いします。
A: 桜咲学園は、「こんな学校あるの?」っていうくらい、いろんな意味ですごい学校だと思うんです。でも、そんな設定は序章に過ぎないというか、本当のすごさ は、そこにいる僕らが作っていくものだと思うんです。あれだけ人数がいてもそれぞれが個性を発揮しながら、なおかつ、「そこまでやるの?」って突っ込みた くなるくらい、思い切って一生懸命やることで、台本以上の面白さが生まれるんだと思います。だから、ある意味、本当に今後が予想できないんですよね。それ が、このドラマの魅力だと思っています。僕自身のことで言えば、かっこいいところもありながら、今まで演じたことがないような面も見せられる役だと思いま すので、今後も注目してもらえればうれしいですね。


Warning: Some parts might not be entirely accurate

Q: The schoolís number one playboy: Nanba Minami. Since itís obvious that it differs greatly from Mizushima-sanís image, what kind of attitude did you adopt when portraying this character?

A: In any case, Nanba loves women. Of course, I like women too, but Iím not as skillful [as Nanba], nor am I a playboy. I donít try to act cool either. His character is totally different from mine, so as I portray [Nanba], Iím constantly thinking, ďWith what kind of feeling should I say my lines?Ē As dorm head of dorm 2, he has the role of invigorating the scene and creating a lively atmosphere. With regards to that, I have to make sure that Iím enjoying myself. Therefore, I have to take the initiative in doing silly things so that everyone will consciously follow after me.

Q: The other face of the playboy [Nanba], is a person whoís chivalrous and admired by many a kouhai. [Kouhai is a student who is a junior.]

A: Thatís the case, isnít it? You get the feeling that the dorm heads of dorm 1 and 3 gather everyone, and the kouhai follow after them, shouting, ďRyouchou! Ryouchou!Ē [Ryouchou is the title given to the dorm head.] However, irregardless of who heís speaking with, Nanba communicates with others on an equal level. Comparatively, I can portray the character more freely, and personally I donít have to be too nervous, I just do it in a relaxed manner.

Q: When youíre envisioning the character do you consider Nanba from the manga?

A: From the manga, you can only get an idea of the type of person that Nanba is. As a result, I acted out the character according to my own interpretation from the script, and I also discussed with the director whilst filming on the set. With regards to the characterís movements, I observed the ďauthenticĒ people in Shibuya, and used them as a reference. (laughs) For them, they gestured with their hands as they spoke, and they moved airily as though they had no center. Thatís the aspect that I wanted to take in.

Q: Even so, as you repeat that, the film set becomes increasingly lively.

A: Initially, there were too many people [on the set], so there were times when I felt bewildered. But because everyone was able to act without reservation, and put their whole hearts into portraying their character, that we were able to create the current atmosphere on the set. Certainly, because of the nori [donít know what this could mean] of a boyís school, there is much energy on the set, which makes it enjoyable. Thereís also the nervousness that comes from wanting to perform really well, which I think is good.

Q: What kind of conversations come up in between filming breaks?

A: Understandably, a lot of the conversation revolves around girls. But I canít go into much more detail than that for this interview. (laughs) Itís really like a boyís school.

Q: Lastly, please leave a message for the fans of the show and also fans of Mizushima Hiro.

A: Ohsaka Institution is the kind of school that makes you go, ďCan such a school really exist??Ē In many ways, I think itís an amazing school. However, the institution is nothing more than the preface. Whatís really amazing is the fact that the students in the institution (us) and the things we create. Everyone exhibits their idiosyncrasies to the extent we hope the viewer will think, ďYouíre willing to go to that extent?Ē Because weíve set our minds to do our best for the show, I think it will turn out to be more interesting than the script initially intended. Therefore, in a certain sense, you canít really tell what will happen next. I think thatís the main selling point of the drama. Speaking for myself, whilst there are points where Iím cool, this is a role where I can show a side of myself which I havenít acted before. If you would continue to take notice of the show, this would make me very happy.


Interview posted by LoneChild LJ in Ikemen_Paradise
Translated by HeyGingerSnap LJ

Arigatou gozaimasu!
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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Mizushima Hiro   June 24th 2008, 17:45

Finally! A glimpse of Hiro's personality!! Thank you for sharing...!! ^o^
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Lil Daisy

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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Mizushima Hiro   June 25th 2008, 17:59

Thank you for sharing this.
I like the way he talks about having fun with the character.
you can tell he really enjoys his work Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Mizushima Hiro   June 25th 2008, 19:07! thanks for the post and translation.. starting to fall in love with hiro.. flower
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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Mizushima Hiro   June 30th 2008, 00:03

Yah, he doesn't give many interviews now does he?
Toooo bad.

You're all welcome Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Interview with Mizushima Hiro   

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Interview with Mizushima Hiro
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